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Impact-driven Venture Building Programme is an intensive programme of building new startups and capabilities to explore sectoral disruption opportunities and grow successful new businesses! Program is aiming to create 15 initiatives and lasting for 15 months…

Ventourage Diversity is a venture building programme managed by Technolera and  Its tailor-made curriculum is dedicated to building teams with turbo-charged diversity. It explores hidden high potential under-represented entrepreneurs such as female and young entrepreneurs. The programme is designed for potential entrepreneurs who want to create an impact that aims financial growth and sustainability.

The qualified EIRs will work with Technolera Labs in close collaboration with corporates in order to develop, launch, scale, and be a stakeholder in next-gen unicorns. They will receive academic courses and Technolera Labs services for free. They will also have access to multistage corporate venture capital, super angels, angel networks, earmarked funds. Upon graduation, the successful startups will experience global startup culture in Luxembourg, Dubai, and Chicago.

Ventourage Diversity is a private curriculum-driven initiative by Technolera dedicated to exploring secret, high-potential entrepreneurs and creating teams of high diversity that are not sufficiently representative in society (gender, age, ethnicity) … Supported by the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER), the program aims to create real business opportunities for talented entrepreneurs who want to make entrepreneurship possible for everyone and to support these initiatives with International strong links, institutions, investors, industry-leading leaders and experts.

With the “founding partnership” curriculum specially designed for the program, teams will be created within themselves in order to increase the chances of success of the initiatives. Deadline for application to the program is Friday, October 5th and you can get it detailed information from