I was very proud of myself the day I wrote Hello World in colors on the screen at my first university class internship… Now I feel like I was entering a different world at those days and taking my first simple step in this new world. I am in similar excitement today, when I step into this world where I have long dreamed of and share my thoughts about technology with you.
Through actuate.xyz I will share the developments, news and comments and it will be a platform where my expert friends will share their knowledge too. I want to share the excitement and curiosity of the interesting news with you, sometimes ask questions and seek answers in this area.
Technology is changing rapidly… On the one hand, we are experiencing the days when we realize how little we can meet the needs. With Industry 4.0, we are going to track all production processes; we collect dozens of data from each machine; and still we are limited to making efforts to understand the data collected. Thousands of people around the world are working on new working models, new hardware, new software with the belief that technology will be useful to us in a variety of different fields, contradictions.
Here, we will share with you the possible expansions in the future, what we hear and what we think. This platform is not only to share comments and questions from you, but also we intend to keep our knowledge and curiosity fresh.
I wish it will be great for you and with you !